TIS Roma 2017

Session 5 – Mobility Planning and Traffic Models

Professor Panagiotis Papaioannou chaired the 5th session of the TIS Congress, focusing the issue of mobility planning. The use of modern Information systems, allows the application of more and more sophisticated traffic models  which were presented and analyzed during a very thought-provoking session.

Andrea Marella, Implementing traffic simulation models with aerial traffic survey – The author presented an innovative method to obtain both a complex set of data of OD matrix and detailed human driver behaviours data in order to set a specific scenario simulation. Starting from the analysis of an aerial video the researchers conduced a traffic analysis of aerial video data using DataFromSky service. The result is a complex complete set of traffic parameters. Data collection is based not only on classic OD matrix (volume data, vehicles classification, hourly rates, etc.), but also on innovative dynamic vehicle database parameters (speeds, lateral and tangential accelerations, travel times and distances, trajectories, etc.). The resulting traffic simulation scenario shows the highest correlation value between real and simulated driver behaviours.

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